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The B-Movie Knock-Off Of Jurassic World Is Of Course Jurassic City

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What happens if you don't have the budget to show an actual world taken over by genetically resurrected dinosaurs? Well, then you should probably limit yourself to sticking to a single city — much as Vertical Entertainment has done in their new, Jurassic World-inspired direct-to-DVD movie. And here's the trailer!


A few things: 1) It's due out on February 3rd. 2) Ray Wise is good in anything. 3) Some of the special effects look pretty solid, to tell the truth. 4) There are women in bikinis running around in general and dinosaurs attacking women in bikinis in hot tubs in particular, because of course there are. 5) Seriously, I love that this is called Jurassic City. Can someone with an even smaller budget than this make a movie called Jurassic Neighborhood next?

[Via Bloody-Disgusting]

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Yeah yeah yeah the movie looks awful and all but let's answer the important question: do the theropod dinosaurs have feathers?