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The awesome trailer for Lunar reveals the dark side of robocops

In 2057, android cops created by Lunarcorp will patrol the streets and send the many, many criminals they arrest to the the company's prison on the moon, where they are never seen or heard from again. One man tries to escape and become the first man to return to Earth in Tyson Wade Johnston's Lunar.


Unfortunately, Lunar isn't a movie at the moment, but just a phenaoenally good-looking concept trailer. Hopefully some studio picks this up quick — this trailer, also directed by Johnston, looks better than the entirety of After Earth. I know that's not saying much, but you understand my point, right?

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Love the robots. They have a much more authentic "manufactured" feel than most. Barely understood a word of the mumbled voiceover.

On the other hand, the trope of the off-world prison should have died off a long time ago. The costs of sending someone into space and keeping them alive off-planet are enormous, and just keeping people imprisoned here on earth is already pretty damn expensive. If we need space laborers, they'll almost certainly be robots. Most people who go into space, assuming we don't kill ourselves off first, will be professionals and adventurous well-to-do folks.

As for off-world penal colonies, it would be a lot cheaper to alleviate the conditions that typically drive young people to commit crimes, from lack of health recreational activities to parents incarcerated for minor drug offenses and so on.