The Awesome Cars of Futuristic Smashing Death

Here's a first peek at scenes being filmed for the remake of violent death-car-meets-game-show movie Death Race 2000, directed in 1975 by cult filmmaker Paul "Eating Raoul" Bartel. Flamethrower = hell yes. This remake, called simply Death Race, could be the psycho, gritty rejoinder to sparkly flop Speed Racer — though some key plot points have been changed, probably to make it more palatable for people disturbed by rampant child-crushing. More smashy cars below.


People will probably compare Death Race to Grand Theft Auto: It takes place in a dystopian future where people participate in cross-country "death races" where drivers try to hit pedestrians for points. Starring an awesome David Carradine and a stoned-looking Sylvester Stallone, it combined everything great in the universe. The remake, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson of the many Resident Evil movies, takes place in a jail setting — prisoners race to get their sentences reduced rather than just for the sheer, fucked-up fun of it. That makes the drivers more sympathetic, but the movie less outrageous. Still, the cars look Doomsday-great.

Want to see more of the cars in Death Race? Check out Jalopnik's exhaustive post.


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