The awesome car chase scene from the CG Gatchaman movie that never was

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The Japanese live-action Gatchaman movie has come and gone, but we're still lamenting the loss of the CG animated Gatchman movie Imagi was working on before it closed its doors in 2011. This recently uncovered, unfinished car chase scene has us lamenting a little harder.

The first video is a mix of early CG motion storyboards, some 2D storyboards, and some animaton that was close to finished but not quite. In it, Joe (I assume it's Joe, between the expert driving and the marksmanship and the willingness to corroborate with the criminal element) suddenly decides to go freelance, steals the money from an illegal weapons trade, and then must evade two gangs and the cops. There's no costume-wearing, but it still makes us think Imagi was working on something special.

The second video is also fun; first, there's the amazing original trailer for the movie back from 2005, followed by some animation camera tests, which actually uses dialogue from the first X-Men movie as the audio track, followed by another draft of the chase scene. Lamentable!


[Via /Film]

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Why couldn't Imagi just Kickstart the whole thing? There's so much love for this, I'm sure they could have raised a few million dollars.

So gutted this'll never see the light of day. Shame, 'cos I liked Astro Boy as well