The Avengers will reassemble in theaters this Labor Day weekend

Illustration for article titled emThe Avengers/em will reassemble in theaters this Labor Day weekend

The Avengers are returning to the theaters. So if you missed seeing Hulk smash on the big screen, or just want to see Black Widow's leather catsuit one more time in glorious 3D, get thee back to the theaters this weekend. According to the Avengers Facebook page the movie will be re-screened on August 31st through September 6th, and the notice warns audiences to "stay through the credits." Wonder if there will be a new secret after-the-credits scene (something from the deleted bits on the DVD)? Or perhaps an Iron Man 3 teaser? It's possible!


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Steve Climaco

Maybe they'll add the Captain America scenes that were cut (these are awesome - and a better Stan Lee cameo to boot! )