The Avengers really did film a secret extra scene after their world premiere

Illustration for article titled emThe Avengers/em really did film a secret extra scene after their world premiere

Robert Downey Jr. stirred up a bit of drama at The Avengers press conference, when he let it slip that the Avengers would be secretly assembling after their day of press to film one last scene. The films director, Joss Whedon was quick to squash any rumors following up at a separate panel that it "sounds like it was Downey just having fun."


Not so says the Hulk's Mark Ruffalo, who spilled the beans by basically confirming this shoot to The Hollywood Reporter:

"Yeah, yeah — we're shooting a scene tonight," Ruffalo said. "I don't know where it's going to go. I really don't. We don't even really know what it is yet, but we're shooting a scene tonight." Pointing to the closet of his hotel room, he said, "All I know is that my costume is in there, we're putting on make-up, [and they're saying] ‘show up here and we're going to tell you what we're going to do.' "


Plus, when we were leaving the junket late last night, we happened to bump into Chris Hemsworth on the elevator in full Thor battle mode make-up. While he wasn't in costume, the actor was covered in dirt and battle ash, hardly the face you'd usually put before the press. Looks like he was getting ready to shoot one last moment with the crew (which AICN is calling more of a curtain call than an actual scene).

When can we see this mysterious scene? Most likely in theaters, as we don't suspect it will be added until the movie's release date on May 4th.

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I assume it doesn't involve Captain America unless they managed to shave Evans... or Cap spends a month or so living in the woods.