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The Avengers isn't adding any teen starlets, but they might still be on the lookout for another female cast member. X-Men: First Class might be focusing on one particular mutant. The new Spider-Man confirms one of his costars. Spoilers now!


The Avengers

Marvel has now denied the strange, out-of-nowhere rumors that starlet Demi Lovato was up for a role in the movie. However, there are now new reports saying that Marvel is looking for another female role to balance out the gender-imbalanced cast, which is currently pretty much just Scarlett Johansson and a bunch of dudes. There's no word at all on which female this might be, although a lot of people are suggesting the Wasp. Frankly, I'm doubtful a character quite that major will be added at such a relatively late stage - my money would be on someone like SHIELD agent Maria Hill, an idea also suggested over at Badass Digest - and we should probably take this whole report with a grain of salt anyway until we know more. [Heat Vision]


X-Men: First Class

The same tipster who leaked a few innocuous (and, it should be stressed, unconfirmed) details about the upcoming prequel is back with some juicier news, including which character is the main focus of the movie:

Xavier is going to be crippled in this film. Xavier and Magneto have a distinct falling out...This movie is largely about Magneto. This isn't just going to be Xavier and the X-Men. Magneto has a massive role, probably bigger than any of the other films. It sort of begins with Magneto, and segueways to Charles. It's very much XAVIER AND MAGNETO, though...The falling out between Xavier and Magneto is not over a "chick". It's over ideals. As it should be.

The tipster also revealed that Azazel and Riptide are villainous lackeys of the Hellfire Club's Sebastian Shaw, Banshee and Moira McTaggert are working for Oliver Platt's mysterious Man in Black, and Emma Frost's role in this movie is comparable to Mystique's in the original X-Men.

There's also this very vague declaration. Make of this what you will:

You are being kept in the dark because the filmmakers have something very special in store. Simple, but very special.


Now, we really need to stress that there's no way to know that any of this is accurate at this point, so please take all of this with a grain of salt until we know more. [ComicBookMovie]

Spider-Man Reboot

Star Andrew Garfield discussed filming, confirming the previous reports that Denis Leary is in the movie:

I've been lucky enough to work with Denis Leary and Emma Stone and hung out with Rhys Ifans a little bit. I'm just in heaven, like a kid in a candy store. I feel like one lucky boy, I tell you."


Denis Leary had previously been rumored for the role of George Stacy, the policeman father of Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy. Now that we know for certain that Leary is indeed in the film, it's reasonably safe to assume that he is in fact playing Captain Stacy.

Garfield also described getting emotional when he first saw the spandex suit and how Tobey Maguire sent along his best to him. [via]


Hunger Games

27-year-old actress Emily Blunt says that she desperately wants to play teenage heroine Katniss Everdeen in Gary Ross's upcoming adaptation of Susan Collins's young adult trilogy. She admits that she is, in all probability, much too old for the part, though in this interview she does joke that she'd be willing to get a face-lift to look younger: [MTV Movies Blog] Click to view


Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

The Cape

Here's are two sneak peeks with new introductions from stars Summer Glau and David Lyons: [] Click to view

Click to view


The Event

Episode 11, which doesn't air until February 28, will reportedly be called "And Then There Were More." [SpoilerTV]



Here's a joint promo with No Ordinary Family that just stays on the right side of the line between mildly amusing and horribly cheesy: [KSiteTV]

Jane Badler explains how her new incarnation of Diana functions as a foil for her daughter, Morena Baccarin's Anna:

"Anna is kind of like the old Diana, with her immorality, her impetuousness and her youth – all the qualities I had as the old Diana. I come on as the voice of reason.. Although I'm equally as powerful and would probably be as ruthless if I did take control, ultimately I'm a counterpoint to her views – someone that can have control over her.. I'm brought on as a foil for her character.."


She says it will take a while for Diana to escape her prison, but once she does, she suggests she'll team up with her granddaughter Laura, and perhaps even the human resistance:

"Whatever it takes. I don't know if she sympathizes with them, but she'll ultimately use whatever tools that are available to overthrow her daughter.. Her daughter has imprisoned her in a dungeon, so no matter how fair Diana may be, revenge is always in the back of her mind..."


There's more at the link. [The V-Files]

Additional reporting by Chelsea Lo Pinto, Katharine Trendacosta, and Charlie Jane Anders.


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