Inspired by the release of the Captain America sequel, a real estate expert, with the help of online fans and the Marvel Database, has scrupulously calculated how much the swank Avengers Mansion—with all of its amenities—would sell for in today's NYC market.

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The Movoto Blog ("the lighter side of real estate") arrived at the figure of $113 million after assessing its size (42,000-square-feet), its location (890 Fifth Avenue) and price of other private homes in the area ($2,649 per square foot):

How does this price compare to other super-abodes? Well, just within the Marvel universe, it's $4,074,124 less than Tony Stark's Mansion, $99,540,324 less than Thor's castle, and $54,995,490 more than the X-Mansion. DC's Superman has it beat, though, with his Fortress of Solitude worth more than $813 trillion.

To bring this all back to Captain America, I figured out that in 1941, the year he first debuted in "Captain America Comics" #1, the Avengers Mansion would have cost about $7.1 million. That's what I call a super investment.


Source: The Movoto Blog

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