The Avengers get arrested & Peter Parker finds out he's not fit to be Spider-Man in a play

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This week in the world of cartoons, the Avengers find themselves infected by a mysterious gas and targeted for arrest, Peter Parker isn't good enough to be Spider-Man, while Finn and Jake are caught in the middle of a Fire Kingdom assassination plot.

Regular Show wrapped up its season while I was away, and Gravity Falls is off this week.
Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice: Invasion return next week, bringing us our dose of DC Comics cartoons.
As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Adventure Time – "Ignition Point"

The Flame Princess' beloved scented candles are missing, so the courageous duo delve into the Fire Kingdom to obtain them.


While in the Fire Kingdom, Finn and Jake overhear a plot to assassinate the Flame King.

Ultimate Spider-Man – "I Am Spider-Man"

Peter Parker is a Black Sabbath fan. Huh. Peter Parker has to audition for the role of Spider-Man in a musical at his own high school.

Parker's mortal enemy Flash Thompson puts in an impressive bid for the role.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes – "Code Red"

U.S. Defense Secretary "Dell Rusk" orders the arrest of the Avengers after the Captain America and the Wasp are bed-ridden by an infectious gas. To carry out the arrests, Rusk sends traitors like the Winter Soldier, Doc Samson, and Falcon to carry out the dirty deed.


This episode is based on the Geoff Johns written arc from 1998's The Avengers #65-70. If you play around with the letters in the name Dell Rusk, you might just get a hint about the episode...

Gravity Falls – "Fight Fighters"

This episode aired last week while I was away, and since Gravity Falls is off this week, I thought I'd toss it in. In this episode, Dipper is challenged to a fight, but gets an interesting ally.


A Capcom Final Fight/Street Fighter II-type character comes to life (looking a bit like Ken from SFII) to aid Dipper, leading to several funny scenes in the above clip and the merger of pixel and traditional animation.

Transformers: Prime – "Legacy"

Autobot Smokescreen takes the lead in this episode.

The Autobot finds the StarSaber, an ancient Cybertronian artifact, and plunges directly into battle with Megatron and his Decepticon forces to obtain it.


Robot Chicken – "Executed by the State"

The episode Crushed by a Steamroller on My 53rd Birthday airs this Sunday night, but no exceptional previews are present, so here's a clip from last week's Executed by the State.


If you grew up a G.I. Joe fan in the 1980s, you likely destroyed your fair share of Joe action figures in your backyard, burying the plastic playthings or twisting their hips until the rubber band in the middle snapped. Now, it's time for their revenge.

Top image courtesy of Cartoon Network. Adventure Time airs Monday nights on Cartoon Network. Transformers: Prime airs Friday nights on The Hub, while Gravity Falls airs Friday nights on the Disney Channel. Ultimate Spider-man and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes air Sunday mornings on Disney XD. Robot Chicken airs Sunday nights on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.


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"Dell Rusk" - there has to be a better alias. Rus Dellk? Ellus Rdk? Dek Ruskll?