Illustration for article titled The Avengers are Earths Mightiest Sexists in Marvels amazingly awful new shirts

One of these Marvel Avengers shirts is a boys shirt, and one is a girls shirt. TRY TO GUESS WHICH IS WHICH.


Really, Marvel? Really? Even if you ignore the insane sexism posed by releasing these two t-shirts simultaneously — like, even if you are genuinely, unrepentantly sexist in real life, which I don't believe is the case — is there seriously no one in your licensing department that is cognizant enough to realize that maybe, just maybe, releasing products like this might get you just a bit of negative attention?

(Bonus joke: I look forward to Marvel's next line of apparel, featuring the Avengers demanding Black Widow go to the kitchen and make them all sandwiches.)


Thanks to my pal Taylor E. for the tip.

[Via ReelGirl and HuffPo]

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