What's The Greatest Comic Book Movie Ever Made?

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We're living in the middle of a golden age for comic-book movies, thanks to a combination of innovative VFX and top-notch writers and directors who grew up reading comics. But which comic-book movie is the best one of all? You decide!


Please don't post a movie until you're sure that someone else hasn't already posted it — otherwise you're just dividing the vote. If someone else has posted your top pick already, please just star his/her post and add your comments about why that really is the best. If your favorite movie hasn't been posted yet, then please post it, with an image or clip or poster to represent its greatness. And please mention the title, and why it's so great, so other people can find it with a quick word search. Thanks!

Top image: Here's a dark horse (pun intended) candidate: Hellboy. A quirky gothic comic by Mike Mignola becomes a beautiful, open-hearted movie by Guillermo del Toro.


Thanks to fdx for more or less inspiring this topic!

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