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The Author of Dark-Hunter Is Suing the Author of Shadowhunters for Potentially Obvious Reasons

Illustration for article titled The Author of iDark-Hunter/i Is Suing the Author of iShadowhunters/i for Potentially Obvious Reasons

Scifi/fantasy author Sherrilyn Kenyon is suing scifi/fantasy author Cassandra Clare, claiming that the latter’s Shadowhunters series (also known as The Mortal Instruments) is copying elements of the former’s Dark-Hunter series.


Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter books first premiered in the US in 1998, while Clare’s first Shadowhunters book debuted in 2007. Both series are about secret groups who use god(s)-given powers to fight demons/daemons, while protecting the humans who are completely ignorant of the epic battle between good and evil. Additionally, Kenyon alleges that Clare assured her she would not use “Shadowhunters” as her series’ primary name to avoid confusion with Kenyon’s “Dark-Hunter”—assurances that Kenyon says Clare has reneged on as Shadowhunters has become the franchise’s primary name, to the point where it’s the title of the current TV adaptation on Freeform.

Obviously, it’s easy to make assumptions, but the courts will decide the matter. At the moment, all we can say for certain is that both series star groups of protagonists who are highly focused on searching for monsters in areas that are poorly lit.


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I’m on record for how much contempt I have for Cassie Clare, and of course she was an infamous fanfic plagiarist. But I read part of the complaint yesterday, and my main takeaway was, “Kenyon is seriously trying to claim copywrite over this many terrible tropes?”