The Atlas Shrugged trailer stars a bunch of people yelling about the railroad industry

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The first trailer for Atlas Shrugged: Part I director Paul Johansson's big-screen adaptation of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged has hit the web. In all honesty, it looks like a slightly duller remake of Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. That being said, I'd watch the crap out of Atlas Shrugged if Steven Seagal played John Galt (Johansson plays him in the film, pulling double duty).


Whatever your feelings happen to be about Objectivism, this isn't a particularly effective trailer. Sure, it's jam-packed with lines that ooze significance if you've soldiered through the book's 90,000 pages, but for those audience members who don't know Ayn Rand from Emo Phillips, it's a movie about a bunch of randoms angry about Amtrak or yammering about metallurgy or something. What's your verdict, readers? Can anything be salvaged here, or will this be an objective stinker? The film his theaters April 15.


[Atlas Shrugged via Slashfilm]

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I saw this article, and finally made an account so I could post on here.

I don't know how I feel about the movie yet, or how well the actors "fit" my ideas of the characters, but I immediately saw one redeeming factor: the liberals and all those who oppose progress and stand for stagnation are quick to denounce and dismiss it.

Personally, I can't wait for Part 1. I'm thrilled that they're doing it LOTR-style, in several parts, instead of squashing & truncating it into a cookie-cutter length movie.

Every person in the civilized world needs to understand one thing about Ayn Rand:

She wrote from experience. She lived through Communism, escaped it, and worked to educate people about the dangers of social extremes - extreme everything is bad, but no more so than extreme equality. When everyone is forced to be made equal, two things always happen: Productivity decreases, because nobody is competing and being rewarded; and an oligarchy forms, because people with power never play by the rules. If you're rich or powerful or immoral enough to be above the law, then no equality can be imposed on you.

In this way, a system of communism or socialism only rewards those who don't follow it - those who buck the system come out on top, every time.

Another thing I love about Ayn Rand is that she didn't believe in religion. I can't stand organized religion, because I see it as just another tool for controlling the weak-minded. I really hope the movie doesn't gloss over this fact to appeal to Bible-belt conservatives.

Before anyone responds to flame me, some things you should know:

* I have a Master's degree (education is important)

* I dislike & distrust organized religion (the opiate of the masses)

* I'm fiscally conservative, but more socially liberal than most Republicans

* I don't respond to baiting or ad hominem attacks. I'm too smart to argue with idiots.

All in all, I feel that this movie is coming out at the right time in history - everyone is starting to wake up and realize that things in the U.S. aren't so rosy, and it's because the system is broken and corrupted. People are starting to ask, "Why should I work to support those who won't?" and, "What good is my effort if what comes of it will be taken away from me?"

Me, I'm just asking, "Who is John Galt?" ;^) It's rhetorical.