If you like comics, you're going broke this summer. Seriously, talk to an accountant about bankruptcy now, because there's no way you'll be able to pay rent if you even want to buy half the awesome comics coming out this summer. But at least this guide will help you determine which half to blow your savings on.



Marvel's summer event Original Sin kicks off when someone kills The Watcher, and the Marvel universe turns into one massive murder mystery.

As Nick Fury leads the heroes of the Marvel Universe in an investigation, other forces are marshaling as well and other questions are arising. Why is Black Panther gathering a secret team of his own, including Emma Frost, the Punisher and Dr. Strange? Who is the Unseen? What was the Original Sin? What was stolen from the Watcher's lair? And most importantly, who now holds the Marvel Universe's darkest secrets in the palm of their hand?

That's not close to all; Peter Parker returns for good in the new Amazing Spider-Man #1, while Miles Morales returns after the Cataclysm in Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1. Cyclops #1 features the young, post Trial of Jean Grey X-Man hanging out with his space pirate dad for a bit- while Shang Chi makes a welcome comeback in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1. And if superheroes aren't your cup of tea, then be on the look out for Brian Michael Bendis' new crime series The United States of Murder, Inc. #1.


Of course, if superheroes aren't your cup of tea, then you might want to check out Image's immense May offerings, and none look better than Warren Ellis' new scifi series Trees:

Ten years after they landed. All over the world. And they did nothing, standing on the surface of the Earth like trees, exerting their silent pressure on the world, as if there were no-one here and nothing under foot. Ten years since we learned that there is intelligent life in the universe, but that they did not recognize us as intelligent or alive.

An investigation into his friend's disappearance leads an NSA agent to learn what makes people serial killers in the horror/suspense comic Nailbiter #1, while Tony Chu and Dana Cypress team up in Chew/Revival #1. Marc Silvestri begins a fantasy epic in Rise of the Magi #1, while Mark Millar expands the Millerverse in MPH. And if you still want more superheroes, look for C.O.W.L. #1, about the world's first superhero labor union.


Find out what happened after Star Trek's original "Mirror, Mirror" episode with John Byrne follow-up to his hit Strange New World Trek miniseries "The Mirror Cracked":

John Byrne once again sets sail aboard the Starship: Enterprise, this time with an ongoing, bi-monthly series that begins by going through the looking glass to tell the story of what happened after the classic "Mirror, Mirror" episode of the original series. The crew discovers two strangers in their midst, and quickly learns that one has made a pact with one of James Kirk's oldest foes.

Ashley Wood's haunting art will make The Beautiful War a must-read, about a man who makes a wish to own America, and the chaos that ensues; and even better may be Weird Love, as IDW digs up the craziest, weirdest, naughtiest pre-Code comics the 1950s had to offer. Meanwhile, Mars Attacks First Born, while IDW also begins reprinting the 2000 A.D. classic Rogue Trooper.

Dark Horse:

Take a peek into the Clone Wars with Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, which reveals the fate of the betrayed Sith Lord as he comes for vengeance against his former master with an army of Mandalorians. Brain Boy takes on a mysterious cult in Brain Boy: Men from GESTALT #1, and Axe Cop returns with the ultimate crime-killing team in Axe Cop: The American Choppers.


DC's summer event Future's End begins in May as well:

Five years from now, the DC Universe is reeling from a war with another Earth, leaving the world unprepared for an approaching evil that threatens to destroy the future. Can a time-traveling Batman Beyond help a massive cast of the DCU's finest avert the impending apocalypse? … In this debut issue of The New 52's weekly series, Batman Beyond arrives five years later! Grifter turns against humanity! And a Justice League member DIES!

But things really kick off in July, so keep reading for more details. Meanwhile Justice League Canada bands together in Justice League United #1, as Adam Strange enlists the new team help to fight something called The Unimaginable.


Boom Studios rules the month, and there's no comic I'm more excited for than Bee and Puppycat from Adventure Time's Natasha Allegri. If you missed the animation or the Kickstarter madness, suffice it to say that Bee and Puppycat is the Adventure Time version of the magical girl genre and it is delightful. Besides that, Boom explores the secret society of monsters in Clive Barker's Nightbreed #1, and James Tynion IV's first creator-owned series is about a massive school field trip that takes a weird turn where everyone is transported to a distant planet in Woods #1.


Dynamite returns to the '90s with Chaos #1, reuniting of your favorite Chaos monsters like Purgatori, Evil Ernie and Chastity. The Pathfinder comics continue in Pathfinder: City Secrets #1 as the heroes head to the city of Magnimar. Mark Waid brings back classic character Doctor Spector, while The Shadow takes on a Mission to Moscow.

A young girl finds a batch of dragon eggs, and concocts a dragon costume to help take care of them in the YA graphic novel Dragon Girl: The Secret Valley. A young girl finds a bone with a secret agenda in The Legend of Bold Riley. Valiant brings back future samurai Rai to solve the first murder in 1,000 years in Rai #1; a young girl must fix her clockwork universe by reigniting the sun in Brass Sun #1; a superhero returns to action after a long time as an accountant in Dry Spell #1; while the classic scifi action series continues in Alien Legion: Uncivil War #1. And manga sexy, supernatural comedy High School DxD finally arrives in the U.S.



Harlan Ellison's classic Star Trek episode "City of the Edge of Forever" finally gets shown the way he intended when IDW publishes a comic based on his original script. Additionally, the heroes of the Cartoon Network — the Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Dexter, Ben 10 and Ed, Edd and Eddy — join forces to fight a league of villains assembled by Aku in the aptly titled Super Secret Crisis War #1. And the Turtles find themselves hurtling into the past and the future in TMNT: Turtles in Time #1, while Chuck Dixon returns to his post-ice-apocalypse series Winterworld. Meanwhile, Hamlet, Juliet, Othello and Shakespeare become pawns in a deadly game of pirates in Kill Shakespeare: Mask of Night #1.


Image has another disturbingly exciting month of comics, including an all-new horror series from The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman, titled Oucast!

Kyle Barnes has been plagued by demonic possession all his life and now he needs answers. Unfortunately, what he uncovers along the way could bring about the end of life on Earth as we know it.

Miniature Jesus' Ted McKeever tackles the lone human in a world ruled by mutated animals in The Superattenuated Man #1. In The Wicked and the Divine, Keiron Gillen examines a world where 12 teens are gifted with superpowers every 90 years… but die in two. An experiment to end world hunger ends in disaster for Los Angeles in Wildfire #1. And an interplanetary detective searches for a missing girl in the seedy underbelly of Mars in Red City #1.

Dark Horse:

A young magician's apprentice sets off for a major adventure in the classic fantasy Eye of Newt #1. Plus, a variety of Dark Horse favorites return, including Emily the Strange in Breaking Records #1, which finds the heroine dealing with her shady corporate music publisher; Dream Thief: Escape, in which John Lincoln must defend the man possessed by his father's ghost; and Mike Mignola's Witchfinder travels to a place of monsters in The Mysteries of Unland #1.


Batman '66 and The Green Hornet team up again for the first time in nearly 50 years, thanks to Kevin Smith in Batman '66 Meets Green Hornet #1:

Set in the continuity of that earlier team-up, Batman, The Green Hornet, Robin and Kato must go up against a very different General (formerly Colonel) Gumm. What crime could be so deadly as to force these rivals to put aside their differences and join forces again? And what surprise does Gumm have up his sticky sleeve?

Dan DiDio sends four of the New Gods' top students to the present to help humanity, but discover they're going to have to save the multiverse himself in Infinity Man and the Forever People #1. And the Tiny Titans return to their tree house in, well, Tiny Titans: Return to the Tree House #1.


While Original Sin is due out in May, Original Sins #1 comes out in June, and Marvel's keeping the contents pretty close to the vest, although it will contain stories about how the main Original Sin action affects other members of the Marvel universe. Meanwhile, the Hulk battles the X-Men because of a secret tie Professor X has to Bruce Banner in The Savage Hulk #1. And Disney reveals the origins of Epcot's purple dragon mascot Figment and his creator the Dreamfinder in the steampunk adventure titled Figment.


Titan debuts their first adventures in the TARDIS with Doctor Who: 10th, as the Tenth Doctor picks up a new companion in New York City just in time for an invasion of psychic aliens. And in Doctor Who: 11th, The Eleventh Doctor returns as well!

Geronimo! Alice Obiefune has just lost her mother when the Doctor explodes into her life. But what does a grieving young woman have to do with the career of a 70s musician, an amnesiac alien time traveler, and a terrifying cosmic threat? In the wake of the second Big Bang, discover what the Doctor gets up to when Amy and Rory aren't around! P

Valiant's major crossover Armor Hunters begins here, as a strike team from outer space arrives to hunt down X-O Manowar, and no part of the Valiant universe will emerge unscathed.


Boom Studios finally returns to the world of Big Trouble in Little China, and I couldn't be more excited. Plus, a modern warlock keeps New York City safe from the horrors of reality TV in Thomas Alsop #1, while a mysterious disease drives people crazy and then into catatonia in The Empty Man #1. Antarctic Press assemble an all-female squad of heroes in G.I.Jane #1, while Adrienne stumbles upon a woman trapped in a tower in Princeless: The Pirate Princess. And in Princess Ugg, a barbarian princess arrives in the big city — and the big city should be afraid.

On the sexier side of things, Dynamite begins a dark fantasy series inspired by the legendary Countess Bathory in Blood Queen, while the mistress of darkness returns in New Vampirella #1. And Chicago's best wizard-for-hire is now a Warden in the middle of a vampire war in The Dresden Files: Warcry #1. The much-anticipated prequel to Attack on Titan arrives as Attack of Titan: No Regrets, following the earlier experiences of Captain Levi. And Joe Martino uses his own experience with cancer to chronicle the life of a superhero with the same disease in The Mighty Titan.



Three words: Transformers Vs. GI Joe. That should be 'nuff said, but if not, writer/artist John Scioli delightfully retro '80s art makes this a must-own. But don't forget about The X-Files: Year Zero #1, where Mulder discovers the case that lead to the creation of the X-Files branch back in the '40s. And Trek's medical doctors team up for the Star Trek special Flesh and Stone:

When a Starfleet medical conference is crashed by a deadly metamorphic virus, Doctors Beverly Crusher, Julian Bashir and Katherine Pulaski have to race against time...to find a cure. The answers lie in the distant past, deep within the files of Dr. Leonard McCoy!

Walt Simonson returns to Norse mythology in Ragnarok #1, which, if you've ever read his legendary Thor run in the '80s, should have you tingling with excitement. Ben Templesmith writes and illustrates the tale of a lost soldier in world ruled by Lovecraftian monsters in The Squidder #1. In Doberman, a wild cop from the early '90s returns to the force, mullet and bad attitude in tow. And the hit videogame series Borderlands gets its own comic, as the heroes enter the town of Fyrestone and run afoul of a bandit named Nine-toes.


Dick Grayson, recently outed as Nightwing to the New 52-iverse, becomes a super-spy for Spyral in the all new Grayson #1. The new Teen Titans become the newer Teen Titans with Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Raven, and Bunker. And the ever-diminishing squad gets a few new members in New Suicide Squad #1, including Joker's Daughter, which should go over great with Harley Quinn.

In other news, classic hero returns in Star-Spangled War Stories: GI Zombie #1, while the Infinite Crisis videogame gets its own comic spin-off where DC heroes and villains across the multiverse throwdown. Meanwhile, Vertigo's new series Bodies sounds awesome:

VERTIGO brings you the miniseries of the summer, with four detectives, four time periods, and four dead bodies - all set in London. Edmond Hillinghead is an 1890s overachiever who's trying to solve a murder no one cares about while hiding his own secret. Karl Whiteman is our dashing 1940s adventurer with a shocking past. Shahara Hasan is 2014's kickass female Detective Sergeant, who walks the line between religion and power. And Maplewood, an amnesiac from post-apocalyptic 2050, brings a haunting perspective to it all. Si Spencer (HELLBLAZER: CITY OF DEMONS, THE VINYL UNDERGROUND) executes a centuries-spanning murder mystery like nothing you've ever seen before…


Marvel concentrates on a month of pure awesome. First up, two Guardians of the Galaxy get solo series with Rocket Raccoon #1 and The Legendary Star-Lord #1, as Rocket becomes a wanted man — er, raccoon — while Star-Lord macks on Kitty Pride. Spider-Man 2099 returns, but he's stuck in the year 2014, before his world was corrupted by Alchemax. And Storm gets a long overdue solo series from Greg Pak, in which she's clearly going to be a badass.


And Deadpool gets not one but two new series: Deadpool Vs. X-Force, chronicling the first (violent) meeting between Deadpool and Cable, and Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet, as Dracula hired the merc with a mouth to make a delivery — suffice it to say, things do not go smoothly.

Dark Horse:

Finally! Eric Powell's The Goon returns for an 8-part miniseries Occasion of Revenge, as the remaining minions of the Zombie Priest begin a final assault on our hero. And Mike Mignola's Lord Baltimore protects a woman from the dead man pursuing her in Witch of Harju #1. And two other famous heroes finally collide when Conan the Barbarian and Groo the Wanderer clash swords in Groo Vs. Conan!


I don't know how Image finds so many great new series to crank out each month, but July is clearly no exception. I mean, listen to the synopsis for Dark Engine:

With ribsword in hand, with gore in her curling locks, Sym has been sent to the distant past to murder her creators' enemies. But the twisted alchemists who made Sym do not know that the engine that powers her is sentient, that it is the seed of their destruction. By blood and by fury, Sym will carve out her destiny in this new ongoing series.

Or Rick Remender's new scifi series Low:

In the far distant future, the sun's premature expansion has irradiated Earth, sending humanity to the lowest depths of the seas, hidden within radiation-shielded cities, while probes scour the universe for inhabitable worlds to relocate to. After tens of thousands of years, a single probe returns, crashing on Earth's surface, a now-alien place no human has seen for many millennia.

Or Warren Ellis' relaunch of Supreme, subtitled Blue Rose:

You are not dreaming. We are trying to communicate with you. Local reality has been reinstalled. Things have gone wrong. The revision has corrupted. Finding Ethan Crane is your supreme priority. We are speaking to you from the ultimate bunker within the structure of multiversal time. Do not trust Darius Dax. We are all going to die.

And that's not to mention the new Hack/Slash adventure Son of Samhain #1, the solo adventures of Chew's homicidal cybernetic kung fu rooster Warrior Chicken Poyo, or the new Techjacket and Aphrodite IX series. Oh, and then there's Death Vigil, about a secret group protecting the world from evil (the problem is members have to die to join), and Spread #1, about a man who finds a baby girl that may be the key to stopping an ancient evil enveloping the Earth.


Michael Moorcock's legendary Elric series come to life in beautiful graphic novels from Titan, beginning with The Ruby Throne. Seriously, look at that cover.


Army of Darkness' Ash reunites with his girlfriend Sheila in his Hitched miniseries, but it seems the Necronomicon isn't one for romance. Dynamite also begins new series for Chaos Comics' Chastity and Lady Zorro, while The Shadow, Red Sonja and Warlord of Mars get #0 issues. Also be on the lookout for The Devilers, about seven exorcists who fight the entirety of Satan's armies.

The second volume of World War Z's Max Brooks' vampire-vs.-zombie epic Extinction Parade begins this month courtesy of Avatar, while 12 Gauge Comics reimagines Robin Hood as a spaghetti Western in Sherwood, Texas #1. Boom Studios begins new Robocop and Steed and Mrs. Peel comic series, and takes a look inside Adventure Time's Banana Guard Academy, too. Avatar examines the life of princesses in a fantasy world without men in Damsels in Excess. In OSSM Comics' Monomyth, the world lives in Eden, but only one rebellious young man can stand between humanity and the armies of the Archangel Michael.

The much-anticipated comic based on Hugh Howey's scifi opus Wool hits in July as well from Cryptozoic Entertainment, while Zenoscope expands its Grimm Fairy Tales series with Realm War, Tales of Terror and GFT Vs. Wonderland. And last but certainly not least, Oni Press' The Life After is a somber coming-of-age tale about a young man who must literally travel through heaven and hell to save his city from sadness.