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It's the summer LED festival, when the city is filled with light

Illustration for article titled Its the summer LED festival, when the city is filled with light

To celebrate their liberation from the System Intellectual Property Council, the Kopimist moon Europa holds an LED festival. Huge, glowing globes are hoisted above the capitol city's misty towers, and the citizens dance to pirated music until they are too tired to see Jupiter's fractal clouds overhead.


Maxim Revin is an illustrator and concept designer in Russia. You can see more of his work on his blog.


(Spotted on Concept Ships, of course!)

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Corpore Metal

The artificial dusk came to Target City on PJ-328-B. As Jane Rocket, Tula-One and I strolled along the smart road winding among the mining towers, we could see the globes of daylight sluggishly climb in spectrum and intensity. By midday they'd be too bright to look at.

The dark matter the mining towers harvested from PJ-328-B was essential to the war effort. But the mining robots were unionized and full of graft by organized crime. No one trusted the machines to do it in the dark, both literally and figuratively.

Organics had to be be there to mind things. Why not? It was their war, right?

But organics need light and something to set their biorhythms by so, the towers were retrofitted with giant light spheres. Thus the scene laid out before us.