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Warehouse 13 shows how to do television's most overused concept right

Tons of television shows follow the same model as Warehouse 13 — every episode has an "A" story and a "B" story, and the "B" story is usually something personal to the characters. Often, these two storylines are thematically related, in a way that feels cheap or silly.


But last night's Warehouse 13 was a good example of how to do the "monster of the week comments on the personal crisis being experienced by one or more regular characters" motif well. Let's delve into some spoilers, with some GIFs...

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Charlie Jane Anders

The artifact of the week is pretty nifty, too, and kind of a funny counterpart to the "defending the earth" thing the eco-terrorists were all about — it's basically a lantern that buries you in dirt, and possibly causes a landslide in the wrong place. This bit at the climax of the episode actually looks quite perilous. Plus Pete's belt is Prada! Oh, and the bad guy, the fake Ranger, who's obviously the villain the first time we meet him, is mad because his brother was an eco-terrorist who went to jail and his friends all went free. Hence the whole "regret" theme.