Vesna Jovanovic's illustrations are inspired by the natural world and the tools science uses to explore it, creating often surreal images of human innards, often combined with twisting lab equipment and machinery.

Jovanovic was inspired to create her current series Pareidolia, when she spilled ink across a piece of paper and began tracing human organs, glassware, and tubes across the pattern of the ink. The series, she says is meant to evoke "the curiosity and fear that are often associated with scientific research." Her other work tends to be science focused as well, such as the first two images below, her "Hybrids," which meld human bodies with parts from other animals and machines.

Pareidolia is currently on display at the International Museum of Surgical Science.


[Vesna Jovanovic]
Interview with Jovanovic on Pareidolia [Seed Magazine]




Ventricles Apart from Pareidolia


Cordiform from Pareidolia

Radiating Duodenum from Pareidolia


Metalhead Photophore from Pareidolia

Temporal Nexus from Pareidolia


Vital Choice from Pareidolia

Femur Strife from Pareidolia


New Mitosis from Pareidolia