In all seriousness, who on Earth can stand up to Felicity Smoak and an automatic?

Stephen Amell premiered the Arrow season 4 trailer on his Facebook page, and it is pretty epic. There’s the requisite happy Oliver and Felicity, the call to action, the questioning of whether a bunch of costumed vigilantes running around is actually good for the city, and a big bad.

No one’s not a badass in this: Thea, Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Laurel — but how do the new bad guys stack up? Damien Darhk looks pretty intimidating:


And new villain Jeremy Tell/Double Down (JR Bourne) takes a kick to the chest from Felicity:

Plus, we’ve got Quentin Lance once again opposite Team Arrow, Jessica Danforth (Jeri Ryan) making the very bad decision to run for mayor of Star City (named in the memory of the dead Raymond Palmer), another visit from Amanda Waller, and a visit from John Constantine. That’s a lot to handle. But I think all we really care about is what’s happening back on Nada Parbat:


If you slow it down, frame by frame, you can catch Nyssa at swordpoint and Malcolm Merlyn:

None of that bodes well. How you feeling, Team Arrow?


Well, we can’t wait.