The Armed Response Trailer Will Make You Miss Big Budget Wesley Snipes Action Movies

Image: Saban
Image: Saban
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If you’ve seen any of the Resident Evil movies, then the plot to Saban Films’ Armed Response will feel very familiar to you. A crack team of armed soldiers infiltrate a facility controlled by an advanced artificial intelligence and—shocker—shit quickly hits the fan.


But the thing that’s most striking about the Armed Response’s first trailer is how much it feels like an unsubtle reminder of how great an action star Wesley Snipes still is. To be fair, the movie’s other biggest stars are Gene Simmons, Anne Heche, and the WWE’s Seth Rollins. But, despite the low-powered cast and Armed Response’s seemingly low budget, Snipes still clearly takes these kinds of roles seriously. Which makes sense for one wfrom the actor responsible for starting the modern age of comic book movies that we’re currently living in.

Full disclosure: Saban Capital Group owns Saban Brands, which is a part of Univision, our parent company.

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Is he a daywalker? He doesn’t seem to have aged at a human pace! Bring Blade back Marvel!!!