After last week’s amazing shot-for-shot Magnum P.I. homage reminded us how much we’ve missed Archer, the FX series has dropped a new trailer for its upcoming season. It gives us a better look at what awaits the former spies in their new careers as “Hollywood’s biggest dicks.” Plus, the return of phrasing!


Aside from the setting—and the fact that the gang is now working for a detective agency run by Cyril as you see logo above—it doesn’t look like too much has changed, to be honest. There are schemes involving night vision goggles and elaborate breaking-and-entering tactics; Archer taking a (probably well-deserved) hit from Lana’s fist in his eminently punchable face; a stripped-down Pam wearing explosives tool belts and (from the looks of it) working undercover with an overheated Cheryl; and Krieger being Krieger (except ... shirtless).

The new season of Archer premieres March 31.


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