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The Apocalypse Is the Least Dramatic Thing in This Trailer for Netflix Anime 7SEEDS

Maybe surviving wasn’t so great after all?
Maybe surviving wasn’t so great after all?
Image: Netflix

Netflix’s quest to permanently seize your eyeballs advances its anime division next month with the debut of post-apocalyptic series 7SEEDS. As this new trailer reveals, it’s about a group of people who awaken sometime after doomsday, having been cryogenically frozen to ensure humankind’s survival. Too bad living in harmony appears to be at the very bottom of everyone’s list of priorities.

Let’s see, we’ve got class warfare, relationship woes, confidence struggles, tears galore, at least one tortured musician, and...was that, uh, some kind of hostile, alarmingly giant insect creature? Looks like there’ll be plenty of drama afoot—even with that damn apocalypse in the rearview mirrorwhen part one of 7SEEDS hits Netflix June 28.


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In the meantime, I highly recommend Ikuhara’s kappa-laden Sarazanmai, as well as the gorgeous remake of Dororo, currently in its second cour.