The Apocalypse Is Here in the First Teaser for Season 2 of Netflix's Dark

“Oh hello.”
“Oh hello.”
Image: Netflix (YouTube)
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Welcome to the future. It’s gonna be dark as hell. Netflix has announced the release date for the sophomore season of Dark, a German sci-fi series about time travel, the apocalypse, and the scary things that can happen in the woods.

Along with that announcement, Netflix has also released the first look at Dark’s second season. The first season (which we enjoyed) centered around a mystery involving missing kids—a mystery that ended up leading to dangerous secrets and reveals around four families in the German town of Winden. Eventually, things got more complicated thanks to time travel, and a wormhole located underneath the local nuclear power plant.


While the teaser for the second season is vague, it does hint that things are getting even, well, darker for the families who’ve been caught up in the wormhole’s web. It seems to be leading to an “apocalypse” that’s some sort of point of no return, but we’ll have to wait and see if things are put right before they all go over the edge. And am I correct in believing they’ll travel to the future as well? If so, that future looks bleak.

Dark returns with season two on June 21.

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This is one of the best serious sci-fi series on Netflix. My wife and I got over the awkward dubbed English after 1 or 2 episodes, and man, we were hooked. I assumed it was a one-off series. So glad to see we get more!