The annual Taiji Cove dolphin hunt is underway. Some 250 dolphins from 5 separate pods have been corralled and now await slaughter or a lifetime of captivity — including this rare albino dolphin calf spotted by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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If this was actually for food that was going to actually be necessary to feed people, then I'd have less of a problem with it. However, if its being done to cater some horrifically limited fetish-food delicacy, then its a terrible waste of life.

Perhaps, one day, we'll be able to synthetically create the meat (and parts) that these people want to consume without having to kill an animal to do it. Yet, I somehow think that they would still prefer their slaughter. After all its tradition, and some twisted people are almost always willing to pay more for something that has that edge of darkness and evil that consuming bits and pieces of rare animals often engenders.