If only Ang Lee had used the animatronic Hulk that special effecs genius Steve Johnson built for his movie. From the mind behind Tim Burton's crazy disco Superman suit comes another bit of movie-making magic: a realistic, moving Hulk.


The next amazing behind the scenes video Steve Johnson has released via his youtube page Steve Johnson FX contains footage of the never-used real-life robot Hulk he (and his team) built for the 2003 Ang Lee film Hulk. What were they thinking? This thing is glorious, watch the bicep expand:

We can't see what Johnson will release next (he's worked on tons of movies in his 30-year career, from The Abyss to Ghostbusters). Here's the little YouTube intro, in case you want some more background information about the artist, and why he's decided to start spilling these Hollywood secrets.

In other Incredible Hulk news, What's On the Media claims to have found some concept art floating around on the internet that may show how the Hulk will look in The Avengers. They don't have an origin or a source, so we're highly skeptical. Plus, it reminds us a lot of the previous Incredible Hulk concept art from Aaron Sims, but without the huge collarbone. Here's the image — what do you think?


[Robot Hulk via Comics Alliance]

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