The Animated HBO Show Animals Looks Delightfully Deranged

Leave it to the Duplass Brothers, Mark and Jay, to take a seemingly simple concept—talking animals in New York City—and shape it into something that’s worthy of HBO. The show is called Animals, it premieres February 5, and the twisted trailer is here.

The show’s list of voice talent, seen at the end of the trailer, is pretty much unparalleled. Add that to the semi-crude animated style, and you get almost a South Park vibe from this. Obviously, it’s a little more detailed and much darker, but it definitely has that R-rated, smart tone with its own distinct, simple, flat look.

And the fact this animated show is going to air on HBO, the same network that made Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and The Wire, gives it just some real critical distinction. Color us intrigued.



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I’m getting a little tired of the “Flash animation” look. I can understand it for stuff like South Park, since that has an incredibly tight schedule, or things like ATHF or BoJack Horseman, since their budgets are probably pretty small. But this is HB fuckin’ O! They make Game of Thrones. They BOUGHT Sesame Street. The whole street. They can afford Bob’s Burgers level of animation, or at least Robot Chicken.

And yeah, I know it’s probably deliberate. But there’s a fine line between punk rock crudeness and just not caring, and the needle seemed to waver more on the “not caring” side more often than not in the 30 seconds I’ve seen so far.