Have you been enjoying the pics of shirtless, impossibly ripped Hugh Jackman from the set of The Wolverine recently? Would you like a tiny, shirtless Hugh Jackman of your own? Diamond Select has you covered with its upcoming Marvel Select movie Wolverine figure, but be warned โ€” this may well be the angriest action figure ever made.

Wolverine here comes with three sets of hands โ€” regular, with adamantium claws, and with bones claws โ€” as well as a samurai sword. But it's his three faces that offer the real play value, as long as you consider a 7-inches of fury a play value (and many people do). His three facial expressions include:

โ€ข Grim Disdain


โ€ข Simmering Anger

โ€ข Screaming Berserker Hate-Rage


Wolverine will be out later this year, which should give us plenty of time to figure out what he's so mad about. My guess it's that absolutely no one is willing to give him a shirt.