Dear me, Dominion. What happened to the insane, pretending-a-hotel-chain-is-a-sign-of-royal-lineage madness? What happened to the weird? This week, Dominion revealed a few interesting tidbits about a few characters, but mostly it just talked. And yes, the angels are all still being dicks.

I was excited about this episode because I thought we would be privy to a fun Hercules montage of Alex discovering his "chosen one" abilities. Instead, he shot at Michael in the desert, wearing jeans. And did this...


When does Alex get to ride Michael around holding two shotguns? I'll let you know when that happens.

Now the William and David story, that's where the meat was this week. Turns out (thanks to a flashback) Baby William got his whole family killed by being a no-good baby. David, his wife, his two children and Baby William were hiding in a closet from a pack of 8-Balls (ha) when Baby William started crying, alerting said 8-Balls to their whereabouts. The lower-level possessed folks attacked and killed David's wife. In return, David almost took a hammer to his son, yikes!


So yeah, David hates William and basically blames him for the murder of his family. Did we see the other two siblings die? I don't remember seeing them die. I assume they are dead, but then again, I also assume they are not dead because drama!

Meanwhile, in the present/future day, William continues to run around with this piece of cloth that basically says, "Kill me; I work for Gabriel" on it. Here's the thing: if you're in a secret cult that can get you killed just for being a part of it, why would you carry around an incriminating piece of burlap that directly relates you to this cult? And on the flip side, it's just a piece of cloth. Couldn't anyone be holding that? Unfortunately for David, William hides his secret cloth in his father's desk and Claire finds it, which 100% absolutely means David is in a cult—because that's where David would hide his secret cult cloth that literally could be just a piece of a potato sack.


In other news, the 8-Ball (ha) that Claire's general father has been hiding and sexin' is her mom. But I feel like we knew this already.

Long story short, David stuff *thumbs up* everything else, *shrugs*

Time to pick it up!


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