The Angel of Death came to American Horror Story, and refused to kill off any plot lines

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Possessed nuns, crazy people, serial killers, Nazis, zombie monsters, aliens and now THE ANGEL OF DEATH. That is a list of the all the monsters crammed into the second season of American Horror Story: Asylum. And now there is an Angel of Death. I'm so full of monsters, I fear if they add one more my stomach will burst open to reveal a vampire baby.

But at least, if we're going to be force-fed more monsters until our liver explodes, I'm happy to have Frances Conroy as the lovely Angel of Death. Because she's delightful dammit. Spoilers ahead...

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So the Angel of Death stops by, because everyone in the show is summoning her. That's understandable. I summoned the Angel of Death during the last Once Upon the Time episode, to no avail. The lovely Conroy pops up with a gorgeous pair black wings, a killer shade of lipstick, and silver eyes like the half breeds from Constantine (hrummm).

Conroy flits from patient to patient, cooing softly and asking them if they are finally ready. She only gets two kisses, one from a new patient I've never seen before — and Grace. Poor Grace. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Grace? She cut her (terrible) family into tiny pieces. And then lied about it, to beautiful, perfect Kit! I'm glad she found peace, but I'm not terribly sad about her character's departure.

One excellent moment that comes from having a new angel on set is her showdown with Sister Eunice. That "cousin" line is delivered particularly well. I'm going to be very, very sad if Sister Eunice loses her demon.


Besides that, this episode seemed like a giant reset button for the season. Lana escapes Dr. Threads, and winds up back in Briarcliff. Kit escapes the police, and winds up back in Briarcliff. Sister Jude faces her demons (the parents of the girl she killed) and finds out — ZOINKS — that little lady has been alive all this time (which HORSE SHIT on that little revelation, folks). So just about everything is reset, but perhaps Sister Jude will keep eating free crackers and drinking coffee until she slowly poisons herself with the evils of booze. LOL, not likely — Jessica Lange is going to go out on top of the mental institution, holding the head of Arden in her hands while her hair bursts into a fiery blaze of God's wrath. All the while delivering a monologue about shoes. Just wait, it's going to be epic.

To be serious for a moment, there was a lot of knife-on-wrist action in this episode. And personally, it was quite hard for me to get through. This is a subject matter I have a very hard time watching on the screen and by the time Sister Jude was slicing open her fake wrists in the bathroom I had really had enough. I'm pretty tough, but this was too much for me. I had to go outside for at least 10 minutes and just shake the images out of my brain. I'm not sure what I really have to say other than it bothered me, deeply. Moving on.


And that's all I have to say about this episode. The next one is Christmas themed, which, HOORAY! I'll leave you with this crazy theory. Today's Bloody Face is the hate baby of Lana and Dr. Threadson. DISCUSS!

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There is 'something' in this episode / series that is 'resetting' things. That's why this whole episode felt like a weird reset. I noticed there are some inconsistencies in the story telling that have been permeating this season, but I feel they are purposeful.

Lana lost her arms and legs in that crash... but then suddenly in the next scene, she only had a few bumps and bruises.

Sister Jude DID kill that girl. We were told so since the beginning. Even the article we saw about it earlier in the season said that she was dead. Jude had notice of the girls death.... but then BOOM she was alive.

Even sister Jude's suicide scene in the cafe bathroom seemed too real to not be. It was like it had been reset from what really happened.

I feel like these scenes were going to be evidence for a later revelation that 'the hand of god' was coming and in setting some things back on the right path. Shazad had a long talk with the now living Sister Jude about paths and callings. She was also in the diner because jude song was 'different, more solemn and piercing this time'.

Also did anyone notice that of the 5 people who saw Shazad, one was possessed, two died, and two lived. Shazad seemed to be surprised when she was spotted by the possessed eunice, but not so much when she entered into dialogues with both Jude and Lana.