The Ancient Maya Predicted Bicycles and VCRs

If you need a hoot, check out 2012: Science or Superstition, all about the ancient Mayan prophesy that the world ends in 2012. Which apparently has much to do with VCR clocks.

As our "experts" tell us, the Earth was created for a billion people on bicycles, not 7 billion in SUVs. Wow, really? Good to know that biking to work was all part of why the Earth was created.

Even better is knowing, as our second expert explains, that ancient Mayan prophesies can be explained with references to what happens to VCR and microwave clocks after a power outage. Seriously, I love that this guy tells us so seriously that he's talked to Mayan shamans, and they explain this massive galactic eclipse as being like a VCR clock. Really? Because the VCR clock blinking 12:00 forever does sound like an apocalypse. Especially because everything is Blu-Ray now, so I won't have any movies to watch after the world ends. I really want to know what the Shamans make of DVRs.

Brought to you by the dementoids at Disinformation Video, this flick is a nice mix of freak philosophy featuring some pretty interesting guys waxing weird.


2012 [via Amazon]

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I'm just fucking pissed that the Mayan calendar didn't tell me about the demise of HD-DVD... Dammit. What do I do with my HD-DVD player now?