The Americans: Awesome New Spy Series, or Homeland for Morons?

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This first trailer for FX series The Americans has us scratching our heads. That's a lot of good and a lot of bad crammed into one 30 second spot. The good news is, it's starring Keri Russell (Felicity) and set in the 1980s, so that should be fun. The bad news is, it kind of feels like Homeland for idiots.


The show was created by Joe Weisberg and centers around KGB spies pretending to be a family. Matthew Rhys is Russell's spy hubby, and apparently their children have no idea their folks are secret Russian spies. So there's that. But we'll have to wait to see more for further judgement. Could be the next new Alias, could be "Oh no, Timmy's homework got switched out for our secret KGB spy files." The Americans will premiere on FX this January.

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Well, the tagline is awful at least. "All is fair in love and COLD war."? Yeaaaahhh...

Series looks decent though. I'll give it a shot. Doubt it's better than the excellency that is Homeland though.