The Amazon reviews for Bic's "Pen for Her" will make you fall out of your chair laughing

Illustration for article titled The Amazon reviews for Bics Pen for Her will make you fall out of your chair laughing

The world rejoiced when Bic finally unveiled a "Pen for Her" — as Jezebel put it, "Finally, A Pen Ladies Can Use." But you may not have appreciated just how fantastic this product really is, and how much it was needed.


The Amazon reviews for the Bic Pen for Her are some of the funniest product reviews we've ever read — check out a selection above, including a manly lumberjack whose massive hands are unable to grip this pen, and someone who rejoices that at last, women will be able to write things. Possibly the best, though? A comment from one confused buyer:

I thought this would work like all the similar products I've bought in the past, but I keep urinating on it and it won't turn pink *OR* blue!


Check out all the must-read comments over at Amazon UK.

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For this, I love my country. Well done, ladies and lads of the UK. Our predilection for spontaneous mass mocking is, to me, the very essence of our culture.