I think The Walking Dead has improved greatly in its third season, but after watching this video, I would have zero problems in AMC dropped the show entirely as long as it replaced it with this cartoon. It's a four-minute masterpiece of animation by 8th grader Nick Mastrangelo, featuring TWD's Daryl Dixon (as played by Norman Reedus) traveling the post-apocalyptic countryside and kicking unholy ass. It's phenomenal.

I don't want to spoil it for you, but if for some reason you need convincing before you'll watch it, let me tell you just a few pf the things the video contains:

• Darul killing so many zombies
• Daryl throwing a zombie through a tree
• Daryl wielding a sword, because it's awesome
• Daryl searching for a "legendary crossbow"
• Daryl searching for a "legendary crossbow" because of a map he finds in a squirrel


Seriously. AMC, you call this kid ASAP. And if you don't want to air his cartoon, then at least you hire him to be one of the show's writers.