The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Will No Longer Have a Fantastic Peter Capaldi Cameo

Aww. In Marvel’s current “All-New, All-Different” comics, Peter Parker is the head of a global business that also helps Spider-Man confront threats all over the world. In an upcoming trip to London in the book, artist Alex Ross celebrated Spidey’s British adventure with a variant cover starring a familiar face... but it was not to be.

Before Capaldi became best known outside of the UK for his role as the time-traveling Twelfth Doctor, it was for his role in the BBC political satire series The Thick of It. Set in the offices of a fictitious British government, Capaldi played the extremely foul-mouthed Director of Communications Malcolm Tucker, infamous for his poetic streams of profanity. Here’s a mild (yet gloriously NSFW) example, of the character describing Star Wars for reference:

See? Delightful.

Well, Ross was going to pay tribute to The Thick of It in his variant cover for The Amazing Spider-Man #5, filling a London Bus that Spider-Man is slammed into with various characters from the series, including Tucker:

Which, let’s be honest, is pretty spectacular. But alas, it was not to be. The issue, out this week, still has a variant cover from Ross, but it’s been modified to remove the Thick of It characters. The reason? According to Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, it proved to be too much of a challenge to get everyone involved to sign off on Marvel running the cover:

What a shame! Who wouldn’t want a Malcolm Tucker/Spider-Man crossover, no matter how brief? Here’s the new cover, which will forever remain Capaldi-less:


It’s still Alex Ross, so it’s lovely, but man. It just isn’t the same.

[Via Bleeding Cool]


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