Thanks to this video preview of a bust revealed at this week's New York Toy Fair, we have our first good look at Harry Osborn's form as the evil Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The good news: He looks extremely goblin-y. The bad news? He's not wearing a mask.


Seriously, watch the video: He's got pointed ears, a pointy chin, a bulbous nose (certainly bigger than the one actor Dane DeHaan is normally rocking), a haircut I can only describe as "demented woodland fairy." And that's clearly DeHaan's face, not a mask or anything. So what gives? I guess the Goblin formula makes Harry do a bit of transforming himself? Also, why does he appear to be wearing a professional Motocross racer uniform? Most importantly, why does the new Green Goblin have so little green on him?

[Via Comic Book Movie]

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