The Amazing Seductiveness of a Cult Leader Who Knows the Future... Because She's Been There

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What if you were introduced to a spiritual guru who claimed to have traveled back in time from the year 2054? What would it take to make you believe her? Those are some of the questions raised by The Sound of My Voice, the Sundance sensation that's coming to select theaters on April 27.

You've seen the first 12 minutes of Sound of My Voice — now watch a featurette about Maggie the charismatic, hypnotic cult leader who claims to be from the future, only at io9. This exclusive featurette gives way more hints about what happens later in the film — including some messed-up shit that goes down — but also gives some insight into the movie's themes.


Star and co-writer Brit Marling says those themes include fear that society is going to fall apart in the future, and there's no way to protect yourself. But also:

How do you live a meaningful life? What are the answers? We're all angry, we're all confused, we all feel alienated and alone. Film-makers right now are grappling with these questions of what now, what's next.

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