In his book Lost States, Michael Trinklein maps out the never-was states of Transylvania, Nickajack, and Jefferson. Check out his bizarro imaginary cartography.

In Lost States, Trinklein details proposed and planned states that never cut the mustard in reality. There's enough fodder on Trinklein's site for any alternate history tales you may have percolating around your cranium. And who wouldn't want to live in the perfectly electorally-balanced state of Llano Estacado?

Lost States is available now from Quirk Books.


[via Strange Maps and Lost States' blog and Flickr page]

The State of Superior


The Proposed State of Lincoln

The State of Transylvania


The Proposed State of Acadia

The State of Nickajack


Postcard Advertising the State of Long Island

The Lost State of Jefferson


What If Every State Was The Same Size?