The All New Avengers Team Has Finally Assembled... Sort Of

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The first issue of Marvel’s All-New, All-Different Avengers was, a lot of setup. So much setup, that it didn’t even culminate with the formation of the new Avengers team we’ve known about since March. Now, as much as they like to say that they’re not the Avengers yet, they’re finally together. Sort of.


Spoilers ahead for All-New, All Different Avengers #2, by Mark Waid, Adam Kubert and Sonia Oback.

All-New, All Different Avengers’ first issue was about thrusting these new disparate characters and their current situations together—well, mostly. We got to see Iron Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and the Falcon team up and involve an alien incident at the former Avengers tower (Tony was strapped for cash and sold it). In a separate side story, Ms. Marvel and Nova butted heads about either hero’s approach to collateral damage (Kamala is decidedly not a fan of superheroes levelling bits of Jersey City willy nilly). Vision and Thor didn’t even show up at all! Suffice to say, for a team known for its assembly, the Avengers were more accurately described as disassembled.


That’s sort of the case in this followup issue, which slowly begins uniting every member of the Avengers against a common foe: A chitauri soldier called Warbringer. The original trio is joined by Vision, presumably away from his amazingly haunting synthezoid family, who is eager to investigate the attack on his former home. They’re also joined by the bickering Kamala and Sam after Warbringer finds his way to Jersey City, on the hunt for some mysterious alien artifacts that will apparently grant him immortality and infamy back on the Chitauri homeworld.

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It’s all a little perfunctory, sure, and the idea of a Chitauri being responsible for the new Avengers forming feels almost a little too close to the Cinematic teams’ origin story, as they were forced to band together to fight a Chitauri army. But honestly, you come to a team series like the main Avengers book to see some goddamn avenging, so it’s nice that the book is slowly getting there on that end. Plus, there’s something slightly adorable in the way everyone’s just acknowledging they’re basically Avengers even if they don’t officially get recognized as that yet. So they might as well act like Avengers and save the day.

But, there’s still one hero missing—Jane Foster’s Thor, who makes a rather explosive entrance in the issue’s final few pages as the not-technically-Avengers surround Warbringer. A few mystical quibbles later from Warbrigner’s seemingly human ally, though, and the newly formed team find themselves not just with their new threat escaping, but in a pretty dire situation altogether:

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So congrats on that assembling, Avengers. Let’s hope you survive long enough for it to matter by the time All-New, All-Different Avengers #3 rolls around*.

*Spoilers: you know, I’m somehow guessing they will. Comic books!

Image Credits: All-New, All-Different Avengers #2/Marvel Comics

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Miles surfing Iron Man is the best hitching-a-ride-w/a-flier I’ve seen in comics. Much better than the carried (Kamala by Sam/Cap) or typical hand-holding.