The All-Female Avengers Team Will Survive Secret Wars with a New Series

It seems like this is the week Marvel have decided to lift the lid on their “All-New” comics universe—and the latest new series announcement is indeed a welcome one. The A-Force, the first ever all-female Avengers group, will spin off of their Secret Wars miniseries and become a full part of the Marvel Universe.


As revealed by Glamour, current A-Force and Ms. Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson will continue on writing duties for the new series, with no confirmed artist revealed just yet (potentially meaning that A-Force artist Jorge Molina may not continue with the series). Although the huge roster of female heroes will still play a part in A-Force, the new series will primarily revolve around a smaller group of Avengers: She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Medusa, Dazzler, and Nico Minoru will all play major roles, with the bulk of the attention being given to Singularity, the new cosmic-based heroine created for Secret Wars: A-Force.

From a certain perspective however, it’s not all good news for the A-Force (although them returning is definitely welcome news, if not surprising): Dazzler fans will shed a tear knowing that the glorious Disco Dazzler outfit that she wears once more in Secret Wars will be no more, replaced by a new, more modern design that features NO ROLLER SKATES AT ALL. I feel like we’re being cheated here.

A-Force #1 will be a part of Marvel’s wider release of its new comics in October.


[Glamour via Comic Book Resources]


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