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Battle For LA is still filming its alien ground war in Louisiana, and we've found a few pictures of an on-set explosion. Is this the kind of alien danger Aaron Eckhart and his military unit will have to face?

The great photos were taken by manwithscaryspouse who seemed to be right next to the action and described the above pictures as, "Mushroom cloud of fire caused when production company explodes bus." Looks like they really are trying hard to keep the realistic military vibe to this alien feature. The pictures are from September of this year, but they are certainly new to us.


MTV's Hollywood Crush recently spoke with ex True Blood star Lucas Till and he described the movie asIndependence Day meets Black Hawk Down, which from the pictures, sounds about right.

"It's basically any 19-year-old guy's dream job. I get to go to work and shoot guns all day so it's pretty awesome," he told MTV News. "It's basically an unknown force attacks Los Angeles and it revolves around this platoon of marines, which I'm apart of, and then we try to save Los Angeles. And it's kind of like 'Independence Day' and 'Black Hawk Down' mixed."

The film is being directed by Jonathan Liebesman and while we're excited to see Aaron Eckhart star in his own action flick, our vote is still out until we see what these attacking aliens look like. And we have a long wait: the feature won't be released until February 2011.

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