The Air Force Chief of Staff gave a briefing in a Captain America mask

Is Air Force Chief of Staff Mark A. Welsh just a commander having a bit of fun at a briefing, or is he an actual super-soldier? Or is he moonlighting as a Mexican wrestler? Because he is definitely wearing a Captain America-styled luchadore mask.

The Air Force itself tweeted the above picture, so I assume Welsh hasn't gone mad and thinks he's Steve Rogers (which would have been extra-tragic, since Rogers was the Army, not the Air Force). But why a luchadore mask and not a regular Captain America mask? Is this an insidious plot by Mexican spies to infiltrate our military with professional wrestlers? Because that... that would be completely awesome, actually.


The Military Times also reported that Welsh pointed to the "A" in his forehead and announced "'A' is for Airpower." I had always thought the "A" stood for "America," but I guess all I knew for sure is that it didn't stand for "France."

[Via Business Insider]

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