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Well, this is interesting. It looks like the Agents of SHIELD spinoff and Marvel show being helmed by writer-producer John Ridley aren’t one and the same. And we finally know who the Agents of SHIELD spinoff will follow.


So there are two new Marvel TV shows in the works at ABC, but nothing new on the state of Agent Carter. Which, that first, please.

While the details of Ridley’s project are still being kept super-secret — all we know is that it’s a reinvention of an existing Marvel superhero — The Hollywood Reporter says that the Agents of SHIELD spinoff will star Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood as Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. The best guess is that the last episodes of season two will get the ball rolling on their new show.


And, honestly, the way this season’s gone, those characters could leave as mercenaries, agents operating away from base, or something in between.

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