Were you one of those moviegoers who became unnaturally crestfallen once the credits rolled on Avatar? Don't feel blue, you Na'vi trapped in a human body! One nightlife entrepreneur in Rivonia, South Africa has created a price-conscious facsimile of Pandora on Earth!

Welcome to Avastar, a nightclub that looks exactly like Avatar, if the movie took place on a planet made of Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers and Champale-soaked black velvet paintings. The premises are also decorated with busty doodles of Neytiri — presumably James Cameron commissioned a local seventh-grade art class to capture her heroic splendor. James Cameron was consulted on this, right?

You can watch owner Mike Basson's hypnotic sales pitch above — this man is the South African Tom Carvel. ("Flamethrowers! Every ten minutes, we give you a flamethrower display!") The video is semi-NSFW for pendulous cat people. Also, here's some footage from opening night. David Hasselhoff was there, bringing his auspicious Baywatch Nights flavor to the solemn proceedings. I'm pretty sure this is viral marketing for Avatar 2, which will be set in Reno.


[Via Screencrush/hat tip to Jordan Hoffman]