New York Comic-Con is over, but the amazing cosplay that we saw there will be burned in our brains forever. Here it is the very BEST of the cosplay we saw on the floor of NYCC. It's pretty awesome.

First up the top picture of Ape Frodo and Gandalf is from Geeks Are Sexy (who also have a great collection of images at their site.)

A collection of bad ass ladies:

And yes that IS Lady Khan, here's another image of her:

Via Nicoltergeist.

Kif and Zapp Brannigan.

DJ Ruby Rhod (in formal attire).

Lady Indiana.


Booker DeWitt

Game Of Thrones.

Rogue Bunny.

Baby Predator and Arnold.

Bob's Burgers.

Pee Wee and Miss Yvonne.

Daenerys Targaryen and her ladies.

Interview with the Vampire Gang.

Weeping Angel.

Doc Oc.

Tangled Jedi.

Tulio and Miguel.

Dalek (sans hat he was hot).

Wayne and Garth.

Lady Kaneda.

Rocket Raccoon.


Cassandra and her attendants, moisturize!


Shredder and the Turtles (sorta).

Aang and Katara

Harley Quinn.


Hairy Mermaid via Ellie Hall.

Pushing Daisies via Amy Ratcliffe.

Two Ahsokas via Her Universe.

BMO from Adventure Time via Tor's Twitter.

Inspector Gadget via Cosplaying While Black.

Prince Robot from Geeks Are Sexy.

Dead Castiel via Vulcan4Ever.

Wednesday Addams via Geeks Are Sexy.

Effie Trinket via Gwyll's Pill.

Via Geeks Are Sexy.

Abby from NCIS via Tumblr.

Joker via Geeks are Sexy.

Steampunk Batman via Geeks Are Sexy.

Storm via Cosplaying While Black.

Black Widow Poochie (Bark Widow).

Power Ranger and Rita Repulsa via Cosplaying While Black.

Attack of the Titan via Something of Apple Juice.

Human Sock Monkey via Something Of Apple Juice.

Green Arrow and Batman.

And don't forget the VERY BEST Cosplay that we saw at NYCC that wasn't Cosplay Cally form Battlestar Galactica. The REAL Cally, in her REAL uniform!