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Welcome back to Morning Spoilers, where we dumpster-dive the Internet looking for the secrets of upcoming science fiction. And once again, we're fixating on toys, because a toy fair gave some hints about the uniforms and sets of the new Star Trek, and a new toy gives away the look of a major character in the Incredible Hulk movie. And we have a couple new clips from Jumper. We also give away tons of info about the next episode of Lost. All this, plus Star Wars, Torchwood and Stargate: Atlantis.

Judging from the toys at a German toy fair, the uniforms in the new Star Trek look remarkably similar to the original series, except that Uhura's skirt is much shorter and there's much more emphasis on her breasts. Progress! Also, the Enterprise looks much the same, except the warp engines are a bit bigger. And inside, the transporter room has a red floor. Also, there's a weird octopus-looking spaceship that looks like something out of one of the Matrix sequels.


Also at the toy fair, people saw clips from Iron Man and Incredible Hulk. Iron Man tests out his suit and it malfunctions, sending him up into the stratosphere where he runs out of air. Then it goes dead and he nearly crashes on the ground before he regains control. Meanwhile, the Hulk movie includes Edward Norton meditating, escaping from a laboratory and preparing to slug it out with the Voldemort-esque Abomination. [Aint It Cool News]

More spoilers:

  • Here's a Japanese ad for the toy version of the Abomination from the Incredible Hulk, who doesn't really look that much like Voldemort. This either gives you a hint of what the character will look like in the movie, or it could just be a toy that doesn't really look like anything. [CHUD]
  • In this week's Lost, Kate and Sayid go to the Others' camp to make a truce with Locke and rescue Charlotte, whom Locke has captured. They find Hurley bound and gagged in a closet. []
  • Also this week, Future Sayid becomes a killer for Ben, and gets shot by one of his targets. He goes to a vet's office to get sewn up. We get to see Ben's "off-island house," which is full of suits, fake passports and tons of money in various currencies. Turns out Ben can come and go from the island as he pleases. Meanwhile, Miles, the freighter guy played by Ken Leung, shakes Ben down for $3.2 million and says, "I'm not one of these people. I know who you really are." We discover there's a time difference of about 31 seconds between the island and the rest of the world. [Spoilers Lost]
  • And here's a picture of Sayid looking at a piece of jewelry that may be significant in this week's episode. [UGO]
  • Finally, in Lost episode five, Desmond experiences weird side effects when he and Sayid encounter turbulence on their way to the freighter. [Hollywood Hot News]
  • Torri Higgison, who plays Dr. Elizabeth Weir, won't be back in season five of Stargate: Atlantis. The actress turned down an offer to appear in one episode, which could have launched a new story arc. [Gateworld]
  • Samuel L. Jackson may be back as the voice of Mace Windu in the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series. [MTV Movies]
  • Some other familiar faces from Doctor Who will pop up on Torchwood this season, besides Martha Jones. Oh, and there's no romantic tension between Martha and Owen, at least at first. [IF Magazine]
  • And here are a couple new clips from the Colosseum scene in Jumper. Enjoy!

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