The 9 Most Unforgettable Moments in Last Night's Supergirl

Last night’s episode of Supergirl was a weird mixture of hacker hijinks that even CSI: Cyber would have been ashamed of, with actual great character drama. This show is often incredibly silly, but it’s always a fun time. We rounded up the nine most unforgettable moments.


1) Here’s the episode’s setup, where an alien supercomputer whose body is a whole Internet hacks a website for cheaters that’s EVEN MORE SECURE THAN ASHLEY MADISON!!1!11ZOMG

2) “National City’s entire mainframe has been breached.” Nooo! All the internets are on that one mainframe! It’ll be an economic collapse!

3) “I forgot how much you enjoy a good choking.” Because the alien Internet creature, Indigo (aka Brainiac-8) used to date Norm, and they were into rough cyber-sex.

4) “Indigo is looking to declassify the General’s entire online footprint.” Holy cannoli! If you declassify his footprint, then you can make a cybercopy of his shoes. NOOO! (And it turns out the reason for the Ashley Madison hack was to get at the nuclear launch codes, because the General was a cheater. It makes sense.)

5) “He could be with whoever he wants.” Love how dorky Kara is here, basically letting Lucy know that she would be with James in a heartbeat.

6) “I am a god!” “No, you’re just a glorified Windows Vista.” And yes, a virus that Winn wrote years ago, for Earth computers, works to destroy an alien cyber-intelligence—because we’re using Independence Day rules here.

7) “If you tell anybody about this, I will kill you.” “You threaten to kill me a lot.” Also LOVE that she’s urging discretion in the lobby, in front of a million elevators. Winn and Siobhan are a cute couple, btw. Also YAY Perd is back!

8) And then this genuinely amazing moment, which actually made me get all choked up. Alex finally comes clean and admits that she, not Hank, killed Kara’s aunt. And she just didn’t want to lose Kara. This show is silly as heck, but it also knows how to suck us into caring about its characters.

9) LEGION FLIGHT RING! (Thanks to everyone who reminded me this was in the Fortress of Solitude)


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C’mon Siobahn! Make your first act of Banshee evil be to kill Winn! Also Jimmy cause he was creepy gross this week too. Supergirl is teaching me men are the worst unless they are Martian. But then J’onn is a shapeshifter and we don’t know what, if any, gender they identify with.

A little disappointed though not surprised Indigo isn’t from the future. But they did show the Legion ring! Hope Kara time travels at some point.