The '60s Batman TV show is finally coming to DVD (thanks to Conan?)

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You have possibly waited decades for a hiome video release of the campy, ridiculous wonderful 1960s Batman TV series starring Adam West, and now your wait is over, because Warner Bros. is finally releasing the show in a box set... as first reported by Conan O'Brien on Twitter. Wait, what?


Seriously. Conan just tweeted the following:


Happily, Warner Bros. has since confirmed the announcement, so it's really coming. I don't know how or why Conan got the scoop; I assume either someone at Warner Home Entertainment decided to let Conan make the announcement... or much more likely, someone at WB told Conan about the release but forgot to mention it was embargoed, forcing them to confirm the news early/

Honestly, I really don't care what happened, as long as we finally get this damn show in our homes, because it's way overdue. Everybody, Bat-usi!

Image via Defiant Ant.

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Rob Bricken