The Berkut Group and the CIA are forced to team up this week in order to retrieve a compromising list of agents stolen by arms dealer Victor Booth. This allows Jaime to partner with the CIA agent of her choice, and wouldn't you know, it's Tom. Mm mm mm. It's official: I love the chemistry between this pair—they are two pretty people whose lust for one another I totally buy, and when you throw nerdboy Nathan into the mix, well, things are actually entertaining. God only knows what it'll be like when Sarah Corvus comes back.

But, really, WTF is up with this week's constant referencing of 1990s bestselling retro-dating manual The Rules? (According to its authors, "women who call men, ask them out ... or offer sex on the first date destroy male ambition and animal drive.") "[T]hat book is seriously antifeminist" counters Becca when Jaime informs her that calling a boy would be breaking one of The Rules. Neither Jaime nor Becca has done anything to lead us to think they're feminists in the first place, what with Jaime usually needing Jay, Jonas and Nathan to save her bacon at the end of the day, and Michelle Ryan's limp mouthing of lines about how bad it is to be treated like a very expensive object. Ironically—or not—this week is the first time we're allowed to see Jaime act like she has some balls. Of course, it's when she declares they're going back in to save Tom, whom she latter castigates for not calling her in a Rules-approved timeframe.