Is anyone really going to notice the difference between Batmans?

The internet is shocked—SHOCKED—after the breaking news: Ben Affleck is getting into Batman's suit to battle Superman in the next Man of Steel movie. It's going to make such a difference, people argue. It must be that chin's dimple. Just look at this selection of outraged people tweeting about it.

Look, outraged clueless people: it's just another actor in a Batman costume making his voice sound grave and permanently pissed off. As long as they don't put hard nipples on his tits, it will be fine.


And if you have to complain about something, complain about the fact that they are going to rip apart one of the greatest works in comic book history—Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns—just to have a scene of Batman fighting Superman without any of the previous history between the two characters. So dumb.

But of course, you outraged people of the internet never read that. If you did, you would have known that the only person who could have played old Batman is Sean Connery.


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