Now that Ant-Man is in theaters, it’s time to fully discuss some of the bigger spoilers in the film. These involve Avengers, upcoming Marvel characters, new movies, past movies and more. Some you noticed, some maybe you didn’t, but we got the head of the studio, Kevin Feige, and director Peyton Reed to explain their implications and how it all came about.

Major spoilers follow, of course.


1) Spider-Man Was a Coincidence

At the end of the film as Falcon (more on him in a bit) talks with a journalist. The journalist mentions there are superheroes that swing and crawl up walls, a seemingly obvious nod to Spider-Man now that the character is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while this line of dialogue is now our first MCU mention of Spider-Man, that was not the original intention.

“When that was shot, that was before the whole [Spider-Man] thing had happened,” explained Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. “It really was just her listing relatively generic powers leading into Falcon saying, ‘I’m looking for someone who shrinks.’ Now that the Spider-Man deal has been announced, it takes on a different connotation.”

Director Peyton Reed agreed.

“The important thing in this movie is that—at the end of the movie, as a result of his run-in with The Falcon—the Avengers [are looking for Ant-Man],” he said. “We don’t know why yet—we don’t know what’s going to happen, but, it had to come through Falcon, so we created this journalist character. And so, it kinda came out as this thing, and… now we know, Spider-Man is going to be a part of the larger MCU, which is incredibly exciting.”


2) The Falcon Scene Changed Age of Ultron, Reveals Civil War

The Falcon scene, in which Ant-Man battles the Avenger, is a key scene not only in the film, but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was conceived by co-writer Adam McKay with effects by Industrial Light and Magic, but there’s much more to it. First of all, the scene necessitated changes in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


“We designed the new Falcon costume for Ant-Man,” Feige said. “Which we then reshot for Age of Ultron because we had shot [the final scene in that movie] originally in the old Falcon outfit.”

Then there’s the Avengers facility itself.

“If you were to do a freeze frame of that reveal in Ant-Man of the Avengers facility, you’ll see the part that you saw at the end of Ultron, but you’ll also see a section you didn’t see in Ultron, but will be a primary section in Civil War,” Feige said. “That’s the kind of thing you won’t know until you see Civil War.”


3) Easter Egg in the Quantum Realm

Speaking of freeze frames, Reed teased that Janet Van Dyne may have a secret scene in Ant-Man. In the film, we see her as the Wasp just before she disappears into the Quantum Realm then again in a photo. But Scott Lang too goes into the Quantum Realm .


“I don’t know if you caught any of the imagery as Scott is going down into the quantum realm, you might be able, on repeat viewing and definitely when you get the Blu-ray, there’s something the audience can see down there that Scott doesn’t see, that, may play a larger role,” Reed said. Does he mean Janet? Maybe, or maybe it’s something else.


4) The Wasp

The Wasp tag scene, where Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne is finally given the new Wasp costume by Hank Pym, was originally before the credits. It was then moved back because it was such an important moment. As for when we’ll see the character in action, it won’t be too soon. Feige said it deserved more than just a cameo in Ant-Man or Civil War. Think Ant-Man 2, if it happens, or possibly Avengers: Infinity War. Lilly is signed for a multi-picture deal.


5) That Final Scene

Finally, we previously revealed that that the final end credits scene was lifted from dailies the Russo Brothers shot for Captain America: Civil War. In the scene, Captain America and Falcon have the Winter Soldier captured and discuss their plan will be better with another person. The implication? Ant-Man. But what exactly is going on in the scene?


“What you’re looking at there is a giant vice that [The Winter Soldier’s] metal arm has been purposefully trapped in,” Feige said. That’s all he’d say but the scene comes from during the movie so we’ll learn how Falcon and Cap capture the villain of The Winter Solider when Civil War is released in May 2016.

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