Yesterday, we asked you what your favorite single panels in comics were. The results gave us some of the best laughs we’ve seen in a long time. So, here are the 30 funniest panels, courtesy of io9 readers and staff.

1) Hawkeye is my contribution:

2) From Rob Bricken’s files:

3) James Whitbrook’s newest favorite:

4) Balmut’s suggestion:

5) crews200 put in another classic:

6) Another one we all love came from Shockrates:

7) Greatest sweater of all time via zombie711:

8) From Brian Burns an example of how language has changed slightly over time:

9) From Epifante’s fingers to our eyes:

10) Via Psybab:

11) Wolfe’s contribution:

12) Via Osymandus:

13) Something we’re hoping to see in Civil War, no doubt (via Darklighter):

14) Poor gigantic Doom. (via Manhack Man):

15) Speaking of Doom (via Deadp00l):

16) Via sigma7:

17) Technically true, Eccentric_Circle:

18) Continuing a zombie theme (via blockedpunch):

19) Monkat:

20) Via JimKakalios:

21) From Kyle R.:

22) From Veit:

23) NOPE. (Via trueogre):

24) From LordRae comes the joke, “What is Xavier’s weakness?”:

25) A classic from Exploriens:

26) Let’s say it’s just the last panel for this to count. (Eddie):

27) Will Holz with one of the shockingly few Deadpool submissions:

28.)Gotta love red Batman. (via Exploriens):

29) Boners again. (via Steve Climaco):

30) And finally, technically this is two panels, but still great. (via Jman401513):